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In this scenario, a 24-inch-high pressure hazardous liquid pipeline has been breached. The breach occurred as a result of a contractor doing excavation work. First responders report there is product in the Crystal River. Immediate downstream exposure concerns include two bridges: a local bridge, about 2 miles downstream and a major Interstate bridge about 4 miles downstream. A local community, Riverbank City, is 6 miles downstream. Product appears to be moving rapidly downstream and initial estimates are that it could reach the local bridge in 20-30 minutes. There are several residents asking questions. Is the product poisonous or flammable? Some say it is not hazardous but ask if it is gasoline or diesel. Others suggest the product may be natural gas. This incident is already being described as a major spill by first responders on the scene.

The break is in close proximity to where the pipeline crosses Animas creek. Animas is a small creek. It is normally dry in the summer but currently contains runoff from the spring thaw and several days of continuous rain. There is a considerable amount of product running down the bank into the creek. The creek is approximately one quarter mile from Crystal River. The creek flow is slow to moderate (1.5 to 2 mph). Crystal River is moving with a medium current. Product is flowing down the creek and is just entering the river when initial responders arrive on scene. Local first responders (EMS, Fire, law enforcement), State Ecology Office, Nutmeg Pipeline Company, and the US Coast Guard are in response to the spill.



Emergency Priority Goals

  • Life:

    • Public Protection Issues

    • Placement of Vehicle

    • Evacuation

    • Product Control and Mitigation

  • Stabilization:

    • Identification of the Release & Products Involved

    • Select Isolation Zone

    • Hazard & Risk Assessment 

    • Contacting Appropriate Officials

  • Product Control:

    • Management of Assets and Resources


  • Assess the situation

  • Protect People

  • Initiate Incident Command System

  • Discuss escalating to Incident Management


ICS Considerations

  • Command Post / EOC Established

  • Assigning Sectors and Responsibilities

  • Strategies and Tactics

  • Call for additional help

  • Public Protection evacuation

  • Working with Multiple Agencies

VTTX Playbook

The VTTX Playbook/ Situation Manual (SITMAN) is your guidebook for progressing through the scenario. This gives you the required tasks that you need to complete based on your assigned ICS position.

Example:  Challenge Question: if there is no Safety Officer assigned to a response yet, who else could possibly be tasked with completing the Safety Plan?  If you selected Command Staff or Operations, you are correct. If your ICS role falls within either the Command Staff or Operations Section, you will be tasked with completing the safety plan during the Initial Response. 

The Playbook will be different for each module - please double check your playbook and intended training prior to starting work.

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