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1. If you completed the TTX module for INITIAL RESPONSE, please use the ICS 201 you created as your in-brief document for this module.

2. If you are starting your TTX experience with the EXPANDING INCIDENT module, please review the Event Scenario and then use the ICS 201 located on the Resources Page as your in-brief document.

3. Locate and download the applicable forms you will need to complete based on your position.  At a minimum, all trainees will need an ICS 214, ICS 221, and ICS 225.  The link to fillable ICS forms is located under the Resources Page.

4. Select your training position from the organization chart to the right.  Once selected, you will be given the position-specific playbook you are to follow for your action items and challenge questions.

5. For any assigned action items - complete the form or create the documents as instructed.  For challenge questions - please write your response on your ICS 214 form (simulates activity log entry).  

6. Submit all written documentation and products as directed by your exercise facilitator.  

7. If you would like to use a simulation cell (SIMCELL) for more information or wish to access ICS Coaching, your exercise facilitator will open a drop-in communication line for the duration of the scheduled event.  If you are taking this module outside of a scheduled event, please contact your normal ICS verifying officer for guidance.

8. Complete the Hot Wash/Exercise Evaluation module in order to better inform the design of future training events.

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